GAINESVILLE, Ga. — CWT Farms International has named Jeff Pierce as Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Alliances.

In his role, Pierce will gather customer, competitor, and market intelligence to support development and execution of marketing strategy. He will identify trends that create opportunities for new products and services.

“Jeff will use his market and customer knowledge to create specific country and customer programs that set CWT apart from our competition as an ally to our customers and our industry,” CWT Farms President Rickey Smith said.

Pierce has over 30 years of experience in international poultry sales and marketing with the past 26 years in the broiler hatching egg industry.

Since 1959, CWT Farms International has been dedicated to the production of high standard broiler hatching and brown layer eggs for customers all over the world. The majority of CWT’s business is in North America, Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean and South America. Other markets served are Western and Eastern Europe and the Middle East. CWT produces hatching eggs of the breeds specified by its customers. For more information, contact CWT at 770-532-3181 or visit


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