CWT Farms Names Smith as Feed Mill Manager

GAINESVILLE, Ga.  — CWT Farms International has named Storm Smith as Feed Mill Manager. As Feed Mill Manager, Smith orders ingredients, oversees project renovations and projects prices of commodities. Smith is Food Safety Modernization Act Certified by the U.S. Food...

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CWT Farms Holds 60th Anniversary Celebration

GAINESVILLE, Ga. — CWT Farms International celebrated its 60th anniversary with a dinner for its customers and former company leaders. The dinner brought together CWT’s leadership from throughout its history, including Madge Burch, the widow of former owner and...

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CWT Farms Names Snyder as Warehouse Manager

GAINESVILLE, Ga. — CWT Farms International has named Richard Snyder as its Warehouse Manager. Snyder organizes and oversees the day-to-day operation of all egg cooler shipments. Before joining CWT Farms, Snyder served as a Cooler Manager for another hatchery company....

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CWT Farms Offering Brown Layer Hatching Eggs

GAINESVILLE, Ga. — In response to numerous customer requests, CWT Farms International has begun offering brown layer hatching eggs. The layer hatching eggs are in addition to its line of broiler hatching eggs that the company has produced for 60 years. CWT Farms began...

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